Meet Jess Phoenix from California’s 25th Congressional district

California's 25th Congressional DistrictI don’t know much about Jess Phoenix other than she is a geologist who is running for U.S. House of Representatives 25th District in California and hopes to replace U.S. Representative Steve Knight who has a 0% Lifetime score by The League of Conservation Voters on issues pertaining to the environment.

The 25th Congressional district is located just north of Los Angeles and it hasn’t sent a Democrat to D.C. in 25 years but Jess Phoenix seems undeterred by that fact.  I realize that this post is not what I typically write about but I hope in the months that follow I hear about more candidates (and specifically female candidates) like Jess coming forward to announce their candidacy.

If you live in this district or near it, talk to your friends about Jess. I’m a firm believer in grassroots organizing and if more people were to get involved, we might be more proud and less ashamed of our government.


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