Trumpism: Divide and conquer

While political junkies talk endlessly about dropping poll numbers for President Trump and his detractors make bold predictions for the midterm elections, I’m reminded of the proverb, Pride Comes Before a Fall.

Midterm elections are notoriously difficult to get voter turnout and Trump’s supporters are if nothing else, loyal and dedicated. Combine that with some findings published in this week’s NYT article, Trump’s Popularity Has Declined Across Voting Blocs in the Past Year, which despite its title suggests that his largest declines comes from voting blocs that never really supported him to begin with and one wonders why Democrats feel quite so confident?

Does it really matter that his popularity has fallen 8 points by those who describe themselves as Democrats? While his drop in popularity also includes crucial demographics for the President like self described Republicans and Conservatives – these dips are far smaller. It seems to me that detractors of the President should spend more time focusing on targeting voters who either stood on the sidelines in the 2016 Presidential election or voted for Trump more to vote against Clinton than out of any support for the President.

A house divided against itself cannot stand” – Abraham Lincoln

Building bridges is a lot harder than blowing them up and unfortunately Democrats are in far greater need for bridge builders. Under Trump’s leadership, the Republican Party has a laser focus on shrinking and riling up their base to ensure they turn out in every election. Donald Trump has successfully employed a divide and conquer strategy. Playing on people’s fears and anger inevitably benefits Donald Trump. If you are truly opposed to Donald Trump what will you do to replace those fears with faith in a better tomorrow and anger with action?


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