Pew Research political typology quiz

Are you a core conservative, solid liberal or somewhere in between? Take Pew Research’s quiz to see which political typology group is your best match

Pew Research has an online survey to help evaluate what political group matches your political philosophy. It was created and based on a survey of more than 5,000 U.S. adults. I will admit I did not agree with many of the answers to the questions, which were too black and white, and I often had to choose between which answer I disagreed with less, but it was interesting all the same. Pew Research, political typology quizAfter taking Pew’s survey I received a rating of “Solid Liberal” (no surprise to me or those who know me). According to Pew only about 16% of America identify as Solid Liberals. Characteristics of this political group are steadfast advocates for social safety nets; they think immigrants are an important part of what makes America unique and great; support social issues and believe homosexuality should be accepted by society.  If you’d like to take this online quiz link here

One response to “Pew Research political typology quiz

  1. Yeah, this is not a good poll (most aren’t.) The picture you provided with this post pretty much says it all: Black or White / One extreme or the other… good luck.
    I took a survey a number of years ago that was very long and allowed for at least some degree of nuance (4, 5 choices instead of 2). My result on that one was dead on: “Slightly left + authoritarian”. This Pew poll had me at “Core Conservative” (lol)
    Where is our strong 3rd party already !?



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