Hey women of America: Step up to the plate

Much is being made of the fact that more women are expressing an interest in politics (at all levels, municipal, state and federal) than ever before, but  it remains to be seen how many will actually step up to the plate. I hope that this talk becomes a catalyst that will see more women, reaching out to their spouses and families, asking them for help with regards to family responsibilities so they may focus on a career of civil service.

I have come to the conclusion that political progress on issues that matter most to women will only be incremental if women from both political parties do not step forward in large numbers.

We are a nation of 320+ million people. There is not a job in america that couldn’t be filled by a qualified woman today.

I recognize that not all women agree on policy and politics, but greater representation is the key to women advancing their interests whether it is equal pay, better access to healthcare and childcare or reshaping how America interacts with the world. We are a nation of 320+ million people. That means there are enough women qualified to do any job including US Senator and Representative. So I’m asking the women of America to step away from the sheet cake, and step up to the plate in 2018.


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