The Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming CommitteeThe Welcoming Committee (a.k.a. TWC) is a social group that believes in (and works to) broaden the spectrum of what gay life has to offer. Staff and volunteers help create and enrich our local community by bringing people together and organizing programs that go beyond traditional gay venues. Their events include everything from social mixers to organizing meet ups at sports events and even planning trips like next week’s WoW weekend at Sunday River. The organization is mostly comprised of 20- and 30-somethings but all are welcome.

You can learn more about TWC by visiting, and liking their Facebook page. One of their signature events is the monthly Guerrilla Queer Bar (GQB for short) which happens the first Friday of every month.

Guerrilla Queer Bar

Many use the New Year as an opportunity to make resolutions. A common resolution is to be more active and meet people, but that can be difficult for gay men in Boston. Starting in 2018 I want to feature the many groups and organizations that help people connect and enrich Boston’s gay life. If you would like to have your club / team featured please reach out to me.


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