Medical group forms to help connect LGBTQ community with wellness providers

Handsome, hunk, hairy, furry, doctorFew things are more important than taking care of your health and for that reason I touch upon the topic occasionally. A few years back I wrote the post, Many LGBT patients feel alienated by their health providersA few years after my post I shared the US News & World Report article, How to Come Out to Your Doctor as an LGBT Patient, which explained why this is important: the type of preventative care you should receive – esp if you are sexually active; questions you may want to ask your doctor; and most importantly for those who are not out to their health care providers – how to start the conversation.

So when I was recently contacted by Lighthouse, a network of LGBTQ affirming health and wellness providers, I knew I’d want to share this. According to the release I received, Lighthouse is a group of NYC-based providers who have devoted our careers to caring for LGBTQ+ patients. They are currently up and running in New York City and are expanding rapidly to serve the LGBTQ+ community nationwide.

For more information you can check out their blog at or visit their website at

One response to “Medical group forms to help connect LGBTQ community with wellness providers

  1. I have been going to Fenway Community Health since 1990. As they have expanded they made prudent and judicious growth and facilities.

    They have an amazing relationship with Beth Israel.

    I even have some wonderful companions on the original donor wall when they were on Havaland Street. It was a time of phenomenal growth for the organization – sadly the catalyst was the beginning of larger understanding of HIV/AIDS.

    Now when I look at the original donor wall I have such conflicting emotions. I’m first greatful for all the medical advances. Secondly, I am sad at the number of names who departed this realm to a better place.

    This new outreach program is a marvelous step forward for those who can use the services – which are tailored to the. LBGTQ communities.

    It will be such a blessing to have such a resource/program here in Boston.



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