Restaurant review: Brunch at Bar Mezzana

Bar Mezzana, Ink Block

Photo from Bar Mezzana Photo credit: Brian Samuels Photography

Last spring I shared a glowing restaurant review of dinner at the much lauded Bar Mezzana at the Ink Block. If interested, you can check out that review here, but it wasn’t until last month that Sergio and I managed to get around to trying the restaurant’s brunch.

The brunch menu at Bar Mezzana has more lunch options than breakfast with a handful of pastas, a double-patty burger and other items that are sure to satisfy those who come hungry and looking for a meal. However, don’t fret if you’re like me and looking for breakfast options because there are more than a handful of choices that range from savory to sweet as you can see from my photos below.

south end dining, south end brunch

Soft scrambled egg, boursin cheese and lox crostini –  $13

I gravitated to the scrambled egg with boursin cheese and lox on a crostini, that is listed as an appetizer but is more than satisfying (especially because I knew I’d get a few bites of Sergio’s French Toast – see below). The eggs were extra creamy and the dill topping the plate added that extra something that elevated the entire dish and made it go from good to great.

South End dining, South End brunch

Frittata – $13

My friend Paul ordered the house frittata with fennel, potato and goat cheese. The plate was garnished with parsley and what appeared to be some sort of shaved vegetable. I have to admit the presentation lacked the appeal of my plate but he seemed to enjoy the meal and there was nothing on his plate when our very nice waitress, Jessica, came to clear the table.

South End dinner, South End brunch

Challah bread French Toast with all the trimmings – $12

Fear not if savory isn’t your thing and if you wake up craving something sweeter because Bar Mezzana has a few options but none seemed quite as tempting as their French toast which comes topped with whipped cream, walnuts, cinnamon and quince – along with a healthy amount of real maple syrup. If I were the owner of the restaurant I would also add this as a dessert for two on their dinner menu because this is perfectly satisfying and larger than it appears in this photo.

Overall, brunch was excellent. Service was very helpful without being intrusive and the food was nicely presented and even better to eat. I’d encourage you to try Bar Mezzana’s brunch, but caution you to make reservations so you don’t have to wait. Brunch is served weekly each Sunday from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM.

BosGuy Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Wicked Awesome.

Bar Mezzana
360 Harrison Avenue  ||  (617) 530-1770

One response to “Restaurant review: Brunch at Bar Mezzana

  1. I wish they would move towards a more breakfast/brunch menu. There are a number of recipes out there that the chief can adjust and make it their own.

    I was disappointed they do not offer a bagel with cream cheese, smoked lox, red onion, tomato with capers on the side. I’d stay away from anything but plain, egg, or pumpernickel or marble bagels. Finagle-A-Bagel as the vendor as in addition to their retail stores and test kitchen in Auburndale they are in not only many local supermarkets Roche Brothers/Sudbury Farms; Wegmans; select StarMarkets/Shaw’s (if the store has a Kosher bakery they do not carry the brand; Market Basket; select Stop & Shops with the same restrictions; Walmart (if they have a grocery section; BJ’s Clubs; Sam’s Clubs.

    Also, I’m not sure if they make their own Challah or use a vendor – but it does not hold the egg wash well. It is time consuming to make from scratch from the double rising to braiding the dough if doing it as a loaf. You can also make it round.

    Unused challah makes excellent croutons – bread crumbs not so much.

    I’d suggest these three companies: Finagle-ABagel,
    Kuples (pronounced ‘couples’) on Harvard Street in Coolidge Corner and Cheryl Ann’s in Putterham Circle in South Brookline just near the West Roxbury Line.

    Kuples and Cheryl Ann’s are Kosher as the make everything in their respective location and have a Rabbi overseeing ingredients, work areas, display cases and how items are bagged for sale.

    If you know the chef / owner feel free to pass this along.

    Hamotzi & Cheers!



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