Cher performs at Sydney’s 40th Mardi Gras

This year Cher joined the celebration in Sydney for the 40th Anniversary Mardi Gras celebration. For those of us who couldn’t be in Sydney, I’ve snagged this video from YouTube. Congratulations to everyone who attended Mardi Gras this year. It was the first celebration to take place after their historic vote to bring marriage equality to their LGBTQ citizens. Goodonya!

One response to “Cher performs at Sydney’s 40th Mardi Gras

  1. Talk about lucky souls!

    I’ve seen her six times in concert.

    The most memorable was at Great Woods the day after John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s airplane crashed.

    The day was sad – Cyndi Lauper opened for Cher and they each changed musical sets where many songs were dedicated to him, Carolyn Bessette (his wife) and her sister Lauren Bessette (his sister-law – the three who died in the plane crash.

    It was very cathartic for the performers and the audience.

    They even extend the concert with four additional musical numbers where Cher and Cyndi Lauper sang all four together with two songs associated with each woman.

    The divine spirit’s energy was definitely there – two icons of LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 rights and acceptance.



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