Boston traffic is ranked 7th worst in nation

2015 urban mobility scorecardEarlier this week The Boston Globe shared a story about how traffic in metro Boston has gotten worse.  According to the article, a study by  INRIX Global Traffic cited that the average Boston-area driver will spend 60 hours a year in traffic, that ranks Boston as the 7th worst in the nation. If you don’t live in Boston but are curious to see how your city ranks visit:

Fortunately, Sergio and I remain largely unaffected by this since we both live and work in the city and on most days both of us are working from home. I found the study surprising because it seems like today there is more flexibility for people to work from home a couple times a week and/or commute during off hours, but clearly I am wrong or it isn’t enough of a trend.

Source: Boston Globe

For those of you who will be packing up soon to face the traffic, which was the impetus for the article in the Globe, you can read the full article here, Boston drivers are spending more time in traffic.


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