Petition to stop Starbucks from opening in the North End

While I sympathize with the North End and understand their concerns, I don’t know that they can prevent a national chain like Starbucks from opening, but I thought I’d share this video. I hope that if Starbucks does eventually open, local opposition remains and the public continues to support one of the existing family-owned coffee shops and cafes in the North End.

I loved this quote from the video, “We don’t need a company such as them showing the people what it’s not like to be Italian,” says an employee at the Modern bakery.

Sign this petition to show your support.

One response to “Petition to stop Starbucks from opening in the North End

  1. I was born in Somerville but grew up in San Diego, CA. My Dad’s family lived in Cambridge their whole lives. I visit Boston often, more specifically the North End. The restaurant / bakeries / Coffee Shop are good. Unfortunately, most of the owners and employees are not the most friendly people. Yes, I am an outsider, but I visit often and they should appreciate our business. I know how hard you have all worked to build t his community and I agree corporate chains / restaurants are not always necessary in every neighborhood. But remember, Starbucks, Walgreen’s and many others all started a 1 locations establishments. Good luck!



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