Nonstop service between Boston and Honolulu annouced

Late last week Hawaiian Airlines announced that it would start non-stop flights between Boston and Honolulu starting in April 2019, making Boston the second (New York City was first) East Coast hub to receive non-stop service on Hawaiian Airlines. The flight will also be the new longest domestic flight route in the United States with flights from HA to MA taking a little more than 10 hours and flights from MA to HA taking just under 12 hours (5,095 miles) .

The airline cited the fact that Boston is the largest U.S. travel market that currently does not receive non-stop service to Hawaii as a reason for rolling out this new service. An estimated 500 people fly between New England and Hawaii (approximately 60,000 visitors annually), which translates into ~$76 million in ticket sales for flights between the two city airports last year.

Boston to Honolulu air service, travel, HA90, HA91

From Boston to Honolulu: Hawaiian Airlines flight HA91 will depart Boston on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:55am and will arrive in Honolulu at 2:35pm the same day. Friday flights will depart Boston at 8:00am and arrive in Honolulu at 1:40pm.

From Honolulu to Boston: Hawaiian Airlines flight HA90 will depart Honolulu on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 1:45pm and arrive in Boston the following mornings at 6:00am.


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