Population growth in Boston results in a call for more housing by Mayor Walsh

Earlier this week the Boston Business Journal reported that Mayor Marty Walsh is looking to increase Boston’s housing goal from building 53,000 units to 69,000 new units (a 30% increase) by the year 2030.

Back in 2014 the city of Boston’s population was just under 660,000 and was expected to grow to just over 700,000 by 2030. But with Boston’s population growth has forced the city to revisit their initial forecast and revise their population estimate to approximately 760,000 residents by 2030.

The neighborhoods that the Mayor would like to focus on building new housing includes Sullivan Square, Newmarket and Widett Circle, the Fort Point Channel, Suffolk Downs, Readville and Beacon Yards. The mayor is also boosting the number of affordable-housing units goal to 15,820, which (if met) would mean Boston would have approximately 70,000 new income-restricted units.

You can read the full article from the BBJ here.

One response to “Population growth in Boston results in a call for more housing by Mayor Walsh

  1. Not only the City, but Governor Baker and committees need to look into (again) the surrounding towns along the 128 Beltway that continuously drag their feet in the permit issuing for cluster buildings, and “subsidized” housing…..it would lessen their property values, of course…..not to mention the possibility of having more students in local school



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