Clueless remake is apparently in the works

Earlier this week I read on NewNowNext that a remake of the mid-90s film Clueless is being explored. My initial reaction was, “As if!?!“. While I loved the original and am still prone to use lingo from the movie (Full on Monet, Betty and Fashion Victim just to name a few) – you can read through an extensive library of terminology the film used and helped make popular, here.

To say I’m buggin’ would be an understatement because what made the movie so great (for me) was how much it captured and poked fun at the stereotypes of the day – especially teenage Southern Californians. A remake of this film will need to tap into similar cultural touchstones of the day, but as a 40-something I doubt I’m tapped into the zeitgeist of today’s teens so much of the humor and references will likely go above my head. Having said that, I’ll probably go see it because I do love the original and will be curious to see how the movie was updated to make it relevant.

What about you? Did you see Clueless and did you love it? Would you go see a remake or would you likely skip it all together? Do tell, I’m genuinely curious.

2 responses to “Clueless remake is apparently in the works

  1. I really enjoyed the first one. I was, let’s see… 33 at the time. One more reason to love it – Paul Rudd! I won’t see a remake.


  2. For what it’s worth, I was 39 when Clueless came out in 1995. Saw it twice at the theater and bought the dvd. Loved it. I couldn’t relate on a youth level, but it still made me laugh out loud. I figure since it is based on Jane Austen’s Emma, the themes should be timeless. I will see the new one when it comes up on HBO or something. I only go to the movies for superhero flicks and stuff with explosions nowadays 🙂



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