Boston’s gay club Ramrod / Machine days are numbered

boston real estate, Ramrod, Machine BostonMore than a few of you forward me the article from this week’s Boston Globe, Here’s what a British dorm builder is planning for Boston.

Anyone who knows the city can easily see that the building that houses the gay nightclub, Ramrod / Machine is demolished in the rendering above to make space for a 15-story building that will house approximately 500 private dorms, which will be marketed to graduate students.

Scape, the company that filed notice with the city, sharing their plans to  build a 205,500-square-foot, 15-story building on Boylston Street in the Fenway, was described in the article as “replacing a row of low-slung storefronts along a stretch of the road that has otherwise been transformed by new development over the last decade.” Ouch, but so true. Ramrod / Machine’s days are numbered and while there is no word on when the inevitable development will displace the club, I hope the owners will plan to reopen in another location rather than close their doors permanently.

7 responses to “Boston’s gay club Ramrod / Machine days are numbered

  1. David Shannon

    That block has a very long history, with the 1270 being the premiere gay dance bar when I lived here way back in 1969-72. “Sic transit gloria mundi.” (Gloria Mundi was not a Ru Paul finalist, and sic transit does not refer to the Green Line.)


  2. Sad!! Hope it reopens


  3. A.S. Merrimac

    They are all fading away-the wonderful clubs & bars that were out safe havens. They were where we built community. This is the Ramrod’s second home, but I doubt we’ll see a third home for Herbie’s Ramrod Room.


  4. I doubt Ramrod will reopen. In a city with high commercial rates and its notoriously adversarial relationship with nightlife venues, you can kiss this place goodbye. Pathetic that Priovidence has more places to go out than we do.


  5. I don’t really care about Ramrod, but I’m wondering where Ryan Landry will go? I hope this doesn’t mean he’s only going to perform in Ptown and NYC now?



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