Vote on November 6th

vote, elections, midterm elections, gay voteFew things frustrate me more than people who complain about the current political climate but do nothing to improve it. I wish that Americans followed politics half as close as they follow the Kardashians, but sadly that isn’t the case. It is for this reason, I believe we have a reality ‘star’ as our current President.

Tuesday, November 6th is election day in all 50 states. If you are registered but don’t know where to go or if you didn’t register but want to change that so you can vote in the next election visit:

One response to “Vote on November 6th

  1. I voted and have been encouraging others too as well. But if we really want to have better participation we need to enact comprehensive voting legislation that will prevent officials from suppressing voters. Deleting voters from the registration, intentionally crowding voting stations to discourage voting, and moving voting stations away from the communities where people live have been successful ways of suppressing voters, especially in non-white communities.



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