Seaport / North Station ferry service could start soon

boston harbour, boston skylineThe construction boom in the Seaport has created more congestion than city planners anticipated and while there have been some pretty crazy suggestions to help alleviate congestion – like an aerial gondola system – the idea of adding ferry service seems to be gaining traction. A privately funded ferry service to shuttle passengers between the Seaport District and North Station has been proposed and could start in early 2019.

It appears that to make this economically viable the organizer behind the concept is looking for a commitment from several large employers in the Seaport. The other reason for the delay is the dock at Lovejoy Wharf near North Station will not be ready until the end of 2018. Stay tuned because unlike the crazy idea of floating gondolas – this idea has a lot of merit and could significantly cut down on commute time for people coming from north of the city. It would be nice to see the Baker Administration, which likes to talk a good game about investing in infrastructure and claims to be championing creative solutions to mass transit step up to the plate and help make this a reality.


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