New jazz bar will open in Dudley Square

One of my favorite historic neighborhoods in Boston is Dudley Square. This part of Boston was a vibrant community in the 1800s for wealthy Bostonians and later became a shopping hub and home to a large Jewish community. By the start of the 20th century, demographics changed once again and it became an important neighborhood for Boston’s African American community. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. worked as a minister at Boston’s Twelfth Baptist Church in Dudley Sq. when he lived in Boston.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood fell on hard times after WWII, and it wasn’t until the 21st century when city government started to reinvest in this neighborhood . A recent sign that this neighborhood is on the upswing was news that musician William Banfeld – a Berklee College of Music professor – will be opening a large cafe in Dudley Square’s Bolling Building that will include live jazz, dancing and theater. I love this neighborhood and will definitely check out the yet-to-be-named jazz bar and restaurant after it opens for business.


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