Development plans to replace Boston’s Ramrod / Machine will include LGBTQ-theater

Last November I published this blog post, which got more than a little attention,  Boston’s gay club Ramrod / Machine days are numbered. Last week more information was shared about the development project that is aiming to bulldoze the two-story building later this fall to build a private dorm.

Last week Universal Hub published that the British company building private dorm buildings filed formal plans for a 15-story, 533-bed dorm, replacing the building that houses a number of businesses including one of Boston’s last full-time gay bars, Machine / Ramrod. Someone must have mentioned that the pending demolition has struck a nerve with some in the community because they are planning to include a 6,000-square foot, 120-seat theater to be turned over to a non-profit group that will be centered on the LGBTQ community.

The Boylston Black Box will embrace the long-standing LGBTQ heritage of the Project Site. Since the 1970s, the Project Site has served as the location of various LGBTQ entertainment venues, including ‘The 1270’, ‘Quest’, ‘RamRod’, and ‘Machine’. These entertainment venues have been emblematic LGBTQ spaces and have often served – directly and indirectly – as a base for the LGBTQ community in the Fenway neighborhood.

Could this be the new home for Ryan Landry and his Gold Dust Orphans?

One response to “Development plans to replace Boston’s Ramrod / Machine will include LGBTQ-theater

  1. GREAT isn’t this what some of us had expected from the Cyclorama ?



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