State patrols on M Street beach are irksome and have little impact

kiki beach bostonDid you see the Boston Globe article, Southie’s line in the sand is at M Street Beach? I regularly go to M Street Beach and the ‘crackdown’ is an accurate description but pointless since its has had (and will continue to have) no impact.

The article says the increased presence of State troopers has come at the request of some Southie residents “who have raised concerns about the number of young people at the beach and the amount of alcohol they consume.” IMHO, this is just code for long time and mostly older residents upset with the changes they see taking place in their neighborhood. This former blue collar bastion of Irish-American families is increasingly a magnet for affluent 20 and 30 somethings. The nostalgic residents conveniently forget that the “good ol’ days” weren’t so great. The beaches in Southie overlooked the dirtiest harbor in the country and the beaches were filled with litter, including used needles and cigarette butts.

Watching the police patrolling M Street, it is hard to tell who is more unhappy; the people on the beach or the police who look uncomfortable wearing their polyester uniforms in the blazing sun. It is worth noting that in the years I’ve gone to M Street beach, I’ve not seen fights or disturbances attributed to drinking so the alarm raised by residents seems more peevish than reality.

So here’s my sincere ask to Mayor Marty Walsh and Governor Charlie Baker, can we please use these public funds more effectively? In lieu of paying for police to patrol our public beaches, acting like resident assistants in a dormitory, can we use those funds more effectively? I’m sure the MBTA could use the money.

2 responses to “State patrols on M Street beach are irksome and have little impact

  1. Karen Johnston (n'Laoghaire)

    If you’re going to act like some frat idiot and ignore the rules that keep everyone safe, you’ll be treated as such by the ‘dorm’ police task force.

    And you don’t get to say you’re from a place just because you LIVE there. Try that in Vermont or Maine and get checked.

    This clown does not represent a person who grew up in that community and cares about the people who live there. It’s very obvious that this fool only cares about his tan, like someone else we all know.



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