Fresh Fruit is Born Again

If you’ve lived in Boston for a while you may recognize / remember the drag troupe, Fresh Fruit. It appears the the group has been reborn and is bringinng a new show to Club Cafe starting this Friday with shows on Saturdays and Sunday (matinee shows) through November 23rd. Some of their shows have already sold out so don’t delay and get tickets while tehy last.

Fresh Fruit is Born Again
all shows are at Club Café
click here for tickets and information

Lauded for their razor sharp wit and take no prisoner’s approach to political, religious, and social institutions, these Queens are ready to hit the stage at Club Café.  If you loved Fresh Fruit before (or Bitter Bitch’s Golden Girls or Menopausal Mermaid), you won’t want to miss out on this hilarious song parody send up of everything you may think, but never say.

For a taste of what you might expect at the Club Cafe show, here is a video from Fresh Fruit back in the day.


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