This week on Instagram: lexlederman


alex dermanI don’t know much about Lex other than the fact that he is handsome, a Dad and knows how to take a great photograph. The amateur athlete has given a few interviews where he talks about how much he loves being a father and is married (spouse name IDK), but other than that I know very little. His IG account is full of selfies, professional photos and more than a workout and gym pictures.

I’m curious what (if any) tie he may have to Massachusetts, because one of the IG accounts he links to in his bio is for a licensed hemp farm in Southeastern  Mass that produces and sells CBD health products.

You can follow this account on Instagram here,

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2 responses to “This week on Instagram: lexlederman

  1. If he lived in LA he could get a lot of work. Everyone Iknow loves this guy!


  2. I wonder what he was thinking when he got that chest tattoo?



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