This week on Instagram: omgblog

Looking to inject some R-rated humor into your Instagram feed? Look no further than the OMGblog Instagram account, which I’m sure many of you are already familiar. If you like you can also check out the very popular,

I can’t think of an account that does a better job of posting what I’ll refer to as “gay humor” posts. The OMG blog posts on Instagram are provocative and sexual  but no more revealing or overt than anything you might see in mainstream magazines and blogs. However, the deviant nature of most posts are sure to make them stand out and in my opinion both fun and funny. Definitely worth the follow if you find yourself laughing at these two examples.

You can follow this account on Instagram here,

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One response to “This week on Instagram: omgblog

  1. Tranny Barbie gives Ken the G.I. Joe “special”!



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