This week on Instagram: dusty__dusty

Dusty LachowiczThis week I’m featuring the account of model, Dusty Lachowicz, a New York based model known for his work with major brands like Ralph Lauren. This Cheesehead was previously a firefighter and EMT in Wisconsin. The handsome 20-something currently has 200k+ followers on Instagram so you may already be following him, but if not check him out.

The account is  more or less what you would expect from a model’s IG account but he does enjoy reading and often shares books he likes and there are periodic posts that show his sense of humor like the I’ve shared one below.

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well.. is it?

A post shared by Dusty Lachowicz (@dusty__dusty) on

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4 responses to “This week on Instagram: dusty__dusty

  1. Tony is the most beautiful of all the beautiful ones today!


  2. cool motor cycle. didn’t say it had to be harley!!!


  3. Tony is awesome!

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