This week on Instagram: jwilliamsonusa

Josh Williamson, Team USAI’m upping the “jock” quotient this week, featuring Josh Williamson, a handsome Floridian who is part of Team USA’s bobsled team.

I don’t really know much more about Josh other than he posts infrequently (I’ll chalk that up to training).  His photos tend to focus on his training and racing (like the photo  shared below)  which is always interesting break from the steady stream of feigned poses from models and wannabe models, who often dominate my IG feed.

You can follow this week’s featured account on Instagram here, and you can check out previously featured IG accounts here.

2 responses to “This week on Instagram: jwilliamsonusa

  1. It will be very cold, I guess… I volunteer to give you all my warmth


  2. Since he is on the bobsled team, I just know he has a large derriere and amazing quads.



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