Southie power plant plan is scaled back

The massive development in Southie known as the L Street Station, which will replace the old Edison Power Plant (shown above), has been updated according to an article published by the Boston Business Journal earlier this week.

The 15 acre property which aims to convert the Edison Turbine Hall in South Boston into a mixed use development has been scaled back and will now include 630+ residential units, a 231-room hotel, more than 520,000 square feet of office space, approximately 335,000 square feet of R&D space, and nearly 85,000 square feet of retail space. The property will also include nearly 6 acres of open space as well as a commitment to give a $10 million (or $670,000 annual for 15 years) operating subsidy to the MBTA to help with additional service on the Route 7 and Route 9 buses.

Initially the project proposal also included nearly 1,400 parking spaces but I was not able to see if that has changed. The project still needs final approval from city and state in addition to Massport lifting its restriction that prevents residential development on the site.

4 responses to “Southie power plant plan is scaled back

  1. This project provides zero public space. The entire site is privately owned, including the “streets” While it does provide POPS, that is a poor substitute for true public ownership of waterfront land. Much of the open space in the last plans I saw aren’t accessible or usable, it is land designed to absorb flood water. This project will accelerate the already advanced gentrification of City Point.


  2. Understand that this project is providing zero public space. It is completely private-even the “streets” are private property. There will be POPS, but that is not an adequate substitute for true public space along the harbor. This development will forever alter the City Point neighborhood further pushing gentrification


  3. What do you think ? I don’t live in Boston so it does not affect me but i wonder, is it a positive project for the city ? Looks like it is a nice redevelopment of the property. Will it include any affordable housing? (i don’t know if afordable housing is needed).


    • Affordable units are always needed but I’m unsure what will be done. It will certainly revitalize the space and if done properly should provide some additional public space / parks that would be a nice addition.



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