This week on Instagram: rhino_robbie

robbie rodriguezRobbie Rodriguez, a.k.a. rhino_robbie, is an openly gay nurse who lives in  Southern Florida and Crossfit athlete, who some of you may have seen this past summer on NBC’s Titan Games with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Robbie’s Instagram feed is 80% workout shots or post workout photos like the one I’ve shared above, but he does occassionally also appear in scrubs and then there are the few shots like the one below which somehow makes wearing a mask not only damn sexy but quite appealing.

You can follow this week’s featured account on Instagram here, and you can check out previously featured IG accounts here.

3 responses to “This week on Instagram: rhino_robbie

  1. Be careful. Have someone used he picture. On facebook. If you have contact from him just make sure a real person is not a scammer.


  2. He’s really pretty. A gorgeous smile and perfect beard.


  3. Lyne Beausejour

    With a name like Rhino, is it inappropriate to inquire about his horn? Asking for a friend. 😂



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