This week on Instagram: joohnneda

If you are looking to heat things up on your Instagram feed then look no further than Spanish model, John Neda, who seems to have an endless stream of photos of him modeling underwear, bathing suits and sometimes just a pretty smile. 

I don’t know much about this guy other than he has classic good looks, a lean and defined physique and a seemingly endless stream of ‘stimulating’ photos. You can check out his full feed with the link I’ve provided below. 

You can follow this week’s featured account on Instagram here, and you can check out previously featured IG accounts here.

3 responses to “This week on Instagram: joohnneda

  1. yup. I went down that rabbit hole…


  2. Wowzers, that pouch is full.


  3. He’s got a brother, equally as hot, who also models.


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