Monday morning mancandy

Last week’s Speedo Sunday post by Kenneth in the 212 makes for the ideal Mancandy Monday. Any clue who this handsome guy is? He actually made me forget it was a Monday morning for a minute.

5 responses to “Monday morning mancandy

  1. hairless monday again


  2. How can you talk about this wonder of Mother Nature as if it were a piece of the tastiest meat to be grilled?
    Can’t you see that he is the most beautiful man in the world and the one I am totally in love with?
    And with that great body and those wonderful legs he deserves to be treated like a God! 😍😜❤️


  3. I saw him on K212 and immediately fell in lust. He is so damn hot


  4. I don’t know who he is but I’d love to know if you find out. He’s gorgeous.



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