Monday morning mancandy

Feeling a little cheeky today.

9 responses to “Monday morning mancandy

  1. Is he on Instagram?


  2. Very cute! But is he missing a nipple?


  3. This handsome guy and his even more handsome ass was sent to you by me!!!!

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    • I’m sorry Angel. I didn’t realize you shared this with me. Gracias!


      • On top of the fact that you never do anything to get me a handsome sailor in a dark blue uniform…I’ll even settle for a sailor in a white uniform, you forget about the few pictures I send you with beautiful boys and their cute little butts.
        At least send me the guy in the picture, I promise to take good care of him and spoil him a lot, I swear!!!!!


  4. He has nice little “cupcakes”, and I have a sweet tooth! 😁😋


  5. Dear Lord. Where would I start on him…



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