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Saturday morning coffee

handsome, hunk, shirtless man, musclesOnce you wake up and smell the coffee its hard to go back to sleep
– Fran Drescher

Bonus fur

hairy, furry, absEnjoy the weekend and thanks for stopping by to check out my blog.

Furry Friday

handsome, hunk, hairy, beard

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Vintage gay



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I dedicate this weekly post, featuring vintage gay photographs, to the men and women who lived in a more critical time where being true to yourself and loving who you want wasn’t always an option and came at a great price. Do you have a photo you would like to share for a future post? Email me at

Word of the day: Leather Daddy

George ClunyLeather Daddy (\ˈle-thər -ˈda-dē\ noun
Definition: A leather daddy is another word for a man who tends to dominate and has a fetish for leather.
Example: George Cluny would make for an ideal leather daddy.

Scruffy Sunday

man sleeping in bed shirtless

He may not be quite scruffy enough for everyone’s taste but I was slightly enamored when I saw this photograph and couldn’t help myself.

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Saturday morning coffee

underwear, muscles, handsome, hunk, man drinking coffee“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day” 

And for those of you who need a little more inspiration this morning, imagine the power of a handsome man in his underwear enjoying a cup of coffee.