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The Hubway is free on Saturday, Sept. 10th

Boston HubwayHubway, Boston’s bike sharing system, is teaming up with Blue Apron to offer free 24-hour passes tomorrow, September 10th. Anyone who registers can take an unlimited number of rides of 30 minutes or less during the 24-hour period without charge, but a debit or credit card is still required, as standard fees will apply to all trips longer than 30 minutes.

To access the free passes, visit, .

2013 Hubway season

BostonBoston’s bike sharing program, The Hubway, will be installing up to five stations per day over the coming weeks.

When the Hubway will formally open has not yet been determined and is weather dependent so check back on their website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Out of curiosity, do you use the Hubway system? If you live outside of Boston, does your city have a similar system and do you use it?

Boston’s Hubway contemplates year-round service

Boston HubwayBoston’s bike sharing program, The Hubway, closed for the winter last week. Officials report that The Hubway recorded more than 530,000 rides before closing for the season; roughly 50% better than expected. The program’s popularity with tourists and residents alike means you can expect to see The Hubway continue to expand beyond it’s current 100+ bike stations and 1,000+ bikes in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline.

The program’s success also has officials now contemplating winter service; creating year-round service for members. According to The Boston Globe article this could happen as soon as next December. Current contracts and permits call for a nearly four-month closure, but the two-thirds of Hubway stations located on plazas and sidewalks could remain in place without posing an obstacle for street plowing.

Do you use The Hubway system here in Boston? Would you brave the ice, snow and cold in the winter to use the bike sharing program if stations remained open next winter?