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James Dean film: Joshua Tree 1951

Later this year Joshua Tree, 1951, a new movie that takes a look at 1950s Hollywood hunk, James Dean, will hopefully be released.

Dean’s role is being played by the very good looking James Preston.  If you watch the two minute video below you will notice the filmmaker plays up the rumors of Dean’s bisexuality and by casting the very handsome Dan Glenn as James Dean’s roommate, Robert Gant (remember him from Queer As Folk) as “the famous director” and a host of other equally attractive men, it is sure to appeal to the gay community.

I have no idea how far these rumors are pursued in the film but I’m intrigued. 

According to the Out.com article, which first made me aware of the film, a distributor has yet to be signed so keep your fingers crossed that this will be visiting an independent theater in your town soon.