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Bay Windows is for sale

New England’s largest LGBTQ+ newspaper is for sale

Co-publishers Sue O’Connell and Jeff Coakley are putting New England’s LGBTQ+ newspaper, Bay Windows (and its sister publication South End News) up for sale according to this post on Facebook, this article in Bay Windows, and this article in yesterday’s Boston Globe.

Jim Hoover was Bay Windows first publisher when the newspaper started printing in 1985. He sold the newspaper in the early 2000s to O’Connell and Coakley who have been the co-publishing this weekly paper ever since. In its heyday this was a weekly publication that everyone read. My personal favorite was the missed connections and personals in the back – they could be hilarious to read. For decades, Bay Windows was the source for openings (and closings), LGBTQ+ events and programming, and news that was important to the community. Case in point, everyone read Bay Windows in the early 2000s when Massachusetts became ground zero in the Marriage Equality debate and those first couple years following the State Supreme Court ruling.

While it is sad to read that Bay Windows is up for sale, and I wonder about its future, I do wish Sue O’Connell and Jeff Coakley much luck. Their work and dedication to this paper helped enrich and enliven the LGBTQ+ gay community, and I feel a debt of gratitude toward them.