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Boston ranked 4th most bikeable city in US

bicycle in BostonBoston has long been known as a very walkable city. Its small, mostly flat and many people walk to work each day here. However, Boston’s reputation for aggressive drivers, cramped roads, lack of access to bikes as well as bike lanes probably never made you think of the city as a bike-friendly place, but that has changed.

The city’s community bike system, the Hubway, which started last year, has exceeded expectations.  Many of the city’s rotaries are gone and bike lanes have popped up nearly everywhere you look.

WalkScore recently ranked Boston as the 4th most bikeable city in the US.  According to the site, scoring is based on bike infrastructure (lanes and trails), hills, destinations and road connectivity, and the number of bike commuters.  You can read more about this and compare Boston to other cities around the US by linking to the WalkScore website.

Boston’s bike sharing program “The Hubway” returns

The Hubway, Boston’s bike sharing program, which rolled into town in 2011 was expected to be successful, but all expectations were shattered when thousands joined. Analysts quickly revised their statistics saying within the first 3 months, the system could see 100,000+ station-to-station trips making it one of the most successful bike sharing programs in the country.

The overwhelming demand coupled with a warmer than expected winter (most importantly without snow) has the Hubway hinting many stations will be in service by March 1, 2012.

If you would like to find out more about Boston’s bike sharing program or if you would like to join the Hubway, visit their website at thehubway.com. You can also follow them on twitter at: @hubway.

Boston bike program: Hubway is a success

More than 2,300 subscribers have joined Boston’s bike sharing program called The Hubway combining for 36,600+ station-to-station trips in its first month according to an article in the Sunday Boston Globe.

Analysts say that within 3 months, the system could see 100,000+ station-to-station trips making it one of the most successful bike sharing programs in the country. By contrast similar programs of similar size in Denver and Minneapolis took 7.5 and 6 months respectively to reach the 100,000 trips milestone.

I will admit that its hard for me to go anywhere without seeing a number of people on these bicycles in the downtown neighborhoods. I hope that its popularity continues to grow, because I think its a fantastic concept. If they open a few more bike stations near my apartment I may opt to get rid of my aging bike and join the Hubway as well.

If you find yourself coming to Boston for a visit or a day trip, you may want to consider leveraging the Hubway as a less stressful and certainly more economical choice for getting around. With daily rates for $5 and 3-day memberships for $12 you are hard pressed to find a cheaper / better alternative.

Boston bike-sharing program, The Hubway, starts today

Boston Bikes

Will Bostonians take to the city’s new bike sharing program that launched today? I hope so.
The Boston bike sharing program called The New Balance Hubway (or The Hubway for short) includes more than 600 bikes in 61 locations through out the city, and for as little as $60.00 (a special introductory rate), one can join “The Hubway” program for one year.
If you are visiting the city and don’t want / need an annual membership they have set up 24-hour passes for as little as $5 a day and $12 for a 3-day membership. For those unfamiliar with Boston, fear not, there is only one hill in the entire city (A.K.A. Beacon Hill) making the city relatively bike friendly.
Similar bike-sharing programs exist in many European cities and Boston joins Denver and Minneapolis as the first cities in the US to launch a comprehensive sharing program, but hopefully more cities will follow.
Would you like to learn more about how this program works? Visit The Hubway website “How it Works” page. I’ve posted an image of where the bike stations are located and for those in downtown, it appears like there are plenty of locations to make this program easy for tourists and residents alike.