Sinner’s Ball this weekend in Ogunquit

maverick men, mainestreet,Sinner’s Ball, hosted by my buddies, Cole and Hunter – A.K.A. The Maverick Men, hits Ogunquit, Maine this weekend. Check out all the fun and head up to Ogunquit for the weekend if you haven’t any plans. Details Here.

Friday, July 31st – GEARED with DJ’s Ranny and Aga
Saturday, August 1st – SINNER’S BALL with Ron Hamelin & Ken
Sunday, August 2nd – REPENT TEA with DJ Aga

Caption this photo

Caption this photo angry grandmaYou know the drill at this point.  Each Wednesday morning I post a photograph that gives me pause.  This week I thought I’d share this picture of what appears to be an very fed up grandmother.

I’ll get you started with a possible caption that hopefully inspires you to share a few of your own in the comments section below.

Grandma wasn’t ready to leave Chuck E Cheese

Boston Olympics is dead: So what’s next

Boston OlympicsThe Boston 2024 Olympic bid is dead. While a majority Bostonians were opposed to hosting the games I’m disappointed, but not for the reason many might suspect. I had hoped that the planning required for hosting the Olympics would spur innovative ideas on improving our infrastructure and revitalizing parts of Boston. Those opposed to the Olympic bid have insisted this can be done without hosting the games, but I would like to ask when this might happen?  The last time serious investment was made in our infrastructure was when the Big Dig was approved in 1987. That project’s reputation for delays and cost overruns alongside our City Hall’s bureaucracy has stymied any serious redevelopment (excluding the Seaport) and seen little if any investment in Boston’s infrastructure and public transportation system; anyone remember the MBTA’s woes last winter?

As a South End resident promised a Silver Line subway, I’m suspicious of empty promises to invest in Boston’s infrastructure.

To those who insisted that we don’t need the Olympics to invest in our city’s and the region’s infrastructure, I’d like to ask when I can expect to see something tangible? What is it about our current political climate that should make me optimistic?  If only half the energy that was spent decrying the Olympics is diverted to making improvements we should see some wonderfully innovative suggestions and plans coming forward – but for now I’m waiting.

David Sedaris in Provincetown July 28-29

Diabetes with Owls, ProvincetownEnjoy an evening (or two) with David Sedaris at the Provincetown Town Hall on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  His most recent book, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, is already a bestseller.

The laughter-filled evening begins at 8pm and includes a Q&A as well as a book signing after the show. For more information and tickets visit

Temptation Tuesday

abs, wash board stomach, muscle, handsome, hunkThis week’s post was a suggestion from friend and blogger, JustGngr. Thanks for the suggestion – miss having you nearby and hope all is good in NOLA.

Past Temptation Tuesday Posts

Travel bug

TravelSomething I have in common with a lot of my friends is a love of travel. It is hard to explain this desire to visit places (sometimes far from home), but for those of you who have the travel bug you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Last week Sergio and I booked our travel to visit family later this year in Brazil. Are you planning any trips this fall?  Do tell.  I’m always interested in hearing about favorite travel destinations.

Republican party immigration policy

Republican Immigration platformThe 2016 Presidential campaign season is in full swing and while anyone could win the election, the window of opportunity seems to be shutting for Republican candidates.  I had thought one of the lessons learned by the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee after the 2008 elections was that they need to start building bridges with the all important Latino community.

With California and New York solidly in the Democrat’s back pocket (California last voted for a Republican President in 1988 and New York in 1984) and states like Texas where 38% and Florida where 23% of the population identify as Latino, you have to wonder who are these Republican candidates listening to and what do they think the general electorate thinks of their xenophobic rhetoric.