Dog days of summer

Dog Days of SummerI don’t care if it is Labor Day.  It is still warm so I say it is still summer.

The students have returned to Boston

september 1Every city has its own traditions and Boston is no exception. Ranking right up there with the Red Sox home opener, Patriot’s Day (a.k.a. Boston Marathon), and the Head of the Charles (which is technically more of a Cambridge thing) is September 1st.

The universities that call this city home have shaped Boston’s reputation and play a major part in forming our identity. Literally tens of thousands of students have returned to Boston this weekend and along with them came moving cars, vans and trucks of all sizes.

The upside to this temporary insanity is that Boston (which is a sleepy hamlet from early May through August) suddenly jolts back to life. No city (but especially one as tiny as Boston) can ignore the impact these students have on city life. They revive the nightlife, crowd the restaurants and fill the sidewalks.  While I am not ready to say goodbye to summer, the students have returned and it is the start of another academic year.

How to celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day BosGuyI hope you have the day off and can sleep in today.

Kind of racist? Try a can of diet racism

For all of you who say sort of racist stuff. You may enjoy the refreshing taste of diet racism. Lucky for you it is served in every community and every neighborhood from coast to coast.

Scruffy Sunday

man in bed aloneDon’t you just hate it when you fall asleep in bed with your clothes still on.  Of course it looks like his are just starting to come off.

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Saturday night video

This previously shared video is a nod to my female viewership and their friends who have witnessed this metamorphosis. 

Thank you Michael

gay leather bearWhile I was in Provincetown last week this little guy showed up as a surprise gift from my friend Michael.  I think this little leather bear is adorable and love him.