Boston Santa Speedo Run 2010 Video

In addition to the pictures I’ve included below, here is my debut as movie editor, piecing together video clips from all the fun earlier today.

8 responses to “Boston Santa Speedo Run 2010 Video

  1. Well done dude – that was fun!


  2. Hey handsome,Thanks for letting me post the video at The readers are really enjoying it.I posted some photos there as well of the Speedo run, and am gonna add a few more tonight: Looking forward to that drink, you pick the place….so much has changed since I left the South End.


  3. Hey – Towleroad ran a post of your video just now!


  4. I love it when men show their stuff in the city for all to see.


  5. Lots of hotness in boston…hmmmmm.


  6. They're talking "Oscar"…..Wow…that looks like fun. Let's say we run it next year!



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