Boston Santa Speedo Run 2010

Watch the 2-minute 2010 Santa Speedo Run VideoThe Boston Santa Speedo Run started in Boston in 2000 and quickly became a Christmas tradition that is now copied in a handful of cities through out North America to raise money for charity.

Each year I go down to Boston’s BackBay neighborhood to watch, laugh and mingle with the crowd of spectators which rivals (if not dwarfs those running). The celebration commences and concludes at Lir on Boylston Street – located across from the Hynes and near the Prudential Mall entrance. Runners line up outside the bar and run a brisk 1 mile up parts of Boylston and Newbury Street much to the delight and surprise of visitors doing holiday shopping. Below I’ve included some pictures from this year’s race. Click on any of the photos to enlarge.

7 responses to “Boston Santa Speedo Run 2010

  1. Oh dear God… WranglerMan wants me to do next year's run with him. I was going to say only when hell freezes over, but Boston is hell in the winter and could very well be frozen over in December. How can I put this delicately? It ain't gonna happen. I keep my apartment at a comfy 75 through out the winter months – there's no way I could run practically naked in Backbay in the month of December.


  2. Okay, BosGuy!I'm throwing down the challenge!You know what it's all about…


  3. Awesome to see those Phillies fans representing. Go Eagles!


  4. Ha Ha RG… I wish that was me. He's damn sexy.


  5. You look good in plaid boxer briefs! 🙂



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