Restaurant Review: Scampo

Scampo is in the very cool Liberty Hotel in Beacon Hill. It is also one of Lydia Shire’s signature restaurants. It is one of those places that I always enjoy when I go because its surroundings are so beautiful, the service is consistently excellent and the food is as delicious as it is memorable. This is not a restaurant to visit if you are on a budget. Dinner for two (appetizers, main dishes and a shared dessert – not including drinks or tip) will cost ~$100.00. However, the menu is fantastic (maybe one of the best in the city). Service was flawless from start to finish. Our waiter provided excellent suggestions and went out of his way to make our evening special. My partner finished his meal a good 5 minutes earlier but his plate was not cleared until I finished; making me feel unrushed and allowing me to savor every bite.

My dinner consisted of a few glasses of wine, sharing two starters and a delicious main. We started with “Patrick’s naan w/ proscuitto” and the vine ripe heirloom tomotoes, basil and fresh mozzarella salad. My main dish was large and flavorful. I ordered one of the special meals that evening; slow cooked pork in a wine reduction sauce, accompanied by marinated cherries, vegetables and risotto.

Want a special night out? Put Scampo on your list – its one of Boston’s best.

Starter: Patrick’s naan w/ proscuitto $18
Starter: Mozzarella salad $14
Main: Pork special $39
Scampo is located in the Liberty Hotel Boston, MA 617-536-2100
Reservations strongly recommended
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3 responses to “Restaurant Review: Scampo

  1. Too funny Anonymous… Yes, $40 is a lot of money for pork, but I'm okay with spending my money on a fabulous meal. This meal tasted all the better because I had a $150gift card so my wallet never felt the pinch.


  2. Food looks great and I know Lydia, but babe, no pork dish in the world is worth 40 bucks. You're not paying for great food, you're paying for decor and a name. You could take classes, learn to shop and do it all at home for a fraction of the amount. Just sayin is all.


  3. the food looks pretty awesome



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