No Pants Subway Ride – thank you

On Sunday, January 8th Boston participated in the 5th Annual “No Pants Subway Ride”.  This year we decided to dress as superheroes, and I have to admit we were pretty successful at turning more than a few heads (not to mention making several young kids squeal with delight at seeing their favorite superheroes).

I’d like to say thank you to the following media outlets and bloggers for sharing the video I created on YouTube.  The following day, Monday, January 9th was the busiest day ever for my blog and these individuals were responsible for making that possible.

Universal Hub “Pantsless Planker” article Thank you Adam

Towleroad Thank you for including the video alongside NYC’s event

BostonTweet Twitter Gawds in Boston w 45k+ followers – Thanks Tom

Metro Boston The free daily in Boston posted my video (Hooray!)

BostonInno blog Also posted this on their blog and tweeted it out

DwightSupremacy Blog Provided pics and videos from various rides

Apologies to anyone I may have missed and thank you to all of you.

8 responses to “No Pants Subway Ride – thank you

  1. Ummmm – Can i just say how HOT I am for both of you after seeing you in your under-ensembles ????



  2. Looking hot and beautiful, my friend!


  3. That must have been fun, next year I am going to have to do that!!!!


  4. Such a great photo of you and your partner!


  5. Do you have a boner is this picture? The bat signal is facing up instead of out.


  6. Great video! Hope the after party was fun (and warm) after all that time on the notoriously chilly “T” (and what’s up with the guy in your video who is face down on the train seat? Ewwwwwww……)


  7. Rob, you and your partner look H.O.T. in those boxershorts!

    I’m amazed at the amount of people who do this, especially when you know how the weather can be in Boston around this time of year. Chapeau!!!



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