Boston’s favorite same sex couple

BosGuyTomorrow, Boston’s favorite same sex couple returns to the Boston Public Garden. Romeo & Juliet, the two graceful swans that make the pond in the Public Garden their home will be back on Tuesday, May 1st. Back in 2005 (just a year after same sex marriage was legalized in MA) it was learned that Romeo is in fact a female, which caused many conservatives who like to scream about how unnatural homosexuality is to cry foul (or was it fowl?)!

BosGuyAccording to the zoo keepers who watch over the couple in the winter months, the two swans have been nesting together for approximately 10 years so if you should find yourself in Boston, head over to the Boston Public Gardens and congratulate the city’s favorite lesbians on their longevity together. I’m not sure what the divorce rate among swans is like but they’ve certainly outlasted many of their human counterparts.

One response to “Boston’s favorite same sex couple

  1. That’s lovely. 🙂



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