Elections matter

LGBT ObamaLast week President Obama made news when he added another first to his Presidency, becoming the first sitting U.S. President to support same sex marriage.  Cold calculated political move or something he genuinely believes (probably both but I don’t care).

In the days following his  announcement, Obama has raised more than $21 million.  Despite the fact that the economy remains the top issue for nearly all Americans, I can’t help but feel that Obama’s support has significantly increased the excitement for his base.  In recent days Obama has also indicated that he doesn’t believe the Defense of Marriage Act is constitutional.  These latest comments come only months after Obama repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Be sure to register to vote and help to support President Obama. Should Romney win, The Defense of Marriage Act will not be repealed and it is likely Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will be brought back.

Your Vote Matters

2 responses to “Elections matter

  1. People need to know this.
    I was watching him on The View yesterday. Elizabeth Hasselbeck has been saying for days that both Obama and Romney think marriage equality should be a state’s issue. She says they have the same mindset about the issue.
    Obama looked her dead on and reminded her he supports marriage equality, while Romney has said he doesn’t believe in marriage equality and that, if elected, he will amend the Constitution to ban it.
    Yeah, Hasselbeck, SO not the same viewpoint.
    Obama 2012!


  2. I completely agree vote for Barack in 2012! Romney is nothing but the past. He offers nothing new.



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