What if Boston embraced urban farming

urban farmingEarlier this week The BostonInno blog had this interesting infographic in an article regarding the benefits of urban farming based on a recent report conducted by the Conservation Law Foundation (CFL).  That report had his to say about urban agriculture in Boston.

Boston is ideally positioned to play a lead role in coordinating with the Massachusetts Food Policy Council, other New England states, and cities around the region to build a vision for a New England regional food system and make it happen. Boston is emerging as a national leader in urban agriculture innovation, and can be a voice for the benefits of urban agriculture and as one of the region’s largest consumers, help to build the market for regionally grown food.

Seems like an interesting conversation to have.  Are you familiar with other urban agriculture projects here in the US or abroad?  I love the idea of supporting locally grown fruit and vegetables.

The full article is here.

One response to “What if Boston embraced urban farming

  1. Such a wonderful idea. Lexington has a few very small urban gardens, but we have a Farmer’s Market and a rather large Shop Local movement. And I have several friends into urban homesteading (i.e. gardening, raising of chickens, etc. etc.). I wish this would take off all over the country. 🙂



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