Smith & Wollensky Atlantic Wharf

Smith & Wollensky Fort Point ChannelLast year at this time Smith & Wollensky opened their second location in Fort Point Channel at Atlantic Wharf.  The restaurant is large – 10,000 sq feet – complete with an outdoor patio near the water and oyster bar.  A working lunch with colleagues is what brought me to Smith & Wollensky (sometimes my job has great perks).

The staff was very helpful through out, making the entire experience pleasurable. Smith & Wollensky’s lunch menu includes more than a dozen starters ranging from smoked Clam Chowder – $9 to an appealing looking tuna crudo on Himalayan Salt Block – $17 (mental note to try that on my next trip). Salads, sandwiches, seafood and of course their filet mignon as well as other red meat classics round out the lunch menu options.

Smith & WollenskyI opted to carb overload by indulging in their flat bread of the day – $12.  The flatbread was topped with cheese, tomatoes, arugula and grilled sirloin and served on a long wooden cutting board. It was extremely satisfying, and the flatbread served as a trusty vessel holding the toppings as I piled piece after piece into my mouth.  I’m not a steak house guy, but I really liked dining there and think you will too.
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2 responses to “Smith & Wollensky Atlantic Wharf

  1. oh man that looks good.



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