Marriage equality gains: Are we at a tipping point?

The Presidential campaign has ended but the impact from the four ballot initiatives regarding marriage equality are only now being realized.  Have we hit a tipping point in the US?

Nearly a decade ago in 2003, when I was standing outside the Massachusetts State House to show my support for same sex marriage I knew I was on the correct side of history – what I didn’t know was when that side would collectively stand up.  The first hint came when President Obama spoke in favor of marriage equality.  Just weeks after Obama let his feelings be known, marriage equality activists in Maryland saw a large swing of support for their ballot initiative coming from the African American electorate.  Indeed his continued support has provided weight behind the argument that this is a civil rights issue and quieted the traditionally homophobic rants of many Black ministers.

I hope activists in more states (hint, hint California) are emboldened by these election results and mobilize.  The combined efforts of States recognizing same sex marriage and Obama’s ability to name new Supreme Court Justices bodes well for social progressives like me.

Lastly, I hope our election results spill beyond our boundaries and encourage those in France, Australia and elsewhere to move forward. I’ve not been this encouraged or excited since Massachusetts first legalized same sex marriage in 2004.

3 responses to “Marriage equality gains: Are we at a tipping point?

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  2. In addition to my excitement over the President’s reelection, I was thrilled that all 4 states had passed their marriage equality legislation. Let us hope that we have indeed reached the tipping point.


  3. Come Nov. 26, we’ll know just what CA does and doesn’t have to do and how that will affect the rest of the country. I’m thinking it going to be a GREAT Thanksgiving!



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