Boston No Pants Subway Ride

Boston No Pants Subway RideFor the past few years I’ve participated in Boston’s No Pants Subway Ride, hosted by The Boston Society of Spontaneity, a volunteer-run, free to join, social arts & events group that plans a variety of programs in and around Boston.

This year my partner and I opted to give a nod to America’s most iconic, and ambiguously gay couple, Sesame Street’s – Ernie and Bert. While we couldn’t find underwear with these guys faces I think we were able to do the outfit justice. I had hoped to have a video of Sunday’s ride in Boston but my computer just wouldn’t seem to cooperate so I hope to have something to show you later this week.  Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck because I did get some funny photos that I’d enjoy sharing.

About The No Pants Subway Ride: started in 2008 by the NYC based Improv Everywhere, it has now spread to more than 50 cities around the world.

One response to “Boston No Pants Subway Ride

  1. Very nice Ernie and Bert – SteveA



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