Boston No Pants Subway Ride

No Pants Subway RideAfter a few hiccups trying to load this video from yesterday’s No Pants Subway Ride in Boston, the two minute video has now posted on YouTube.

Miss all the fun or perhaps you participated in this annual event; check out the video. If you didn’t participate in the event  this year, perhaps you will join me and the 500+ others next January for the No Pants Subway Ride in 2014.

11 responses to “Boston No Pants Subway Ride

  1. the fact that it’s in winter is what makes it so hilarious; people are in hats, coats, parkas, boots….and underwear. it wouldn’t be nearly as ridiculous (or obvious) in the heat of July.

    besides, that which does not kill you makes you stronger


  2. That was great! You two looked amazing! How many people do you think stumbled upon the event and decided to drop trou?


    • Approximately 500+ officially participate in the Boston event this year, but there is definitely more who join in stealth. Love this event and it was great that it was so mild this year. Why don’t you drive up for the event next year. I’ll dress you as Cookie Monster.


  3. Looks like fun! Curious that this takes place in Jan when Boston and many other cities have the coldest temps.


  4. Awesome – you crazy people. We can safely say I will never be joining you but always amusing to see you post about it. Love that little girls face!


  5. I sooooo wanted to do it but something about riding the T in underwear in January in the midst of Flu season discouraged me. 😉


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  8. Apparently, the organizers are unaware that Boston also has a Spring, Summer, and Fall. Why a day in January was selected for this event, we’ll never know? Granted the weather was mild for this year’s, but typically January is bitter cold with snow storms and blizzards. Looks like great fun tho, too bad the January date prevents us from joining in.



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