Max shows how to cut off t-shirt sleeves

sleeveless maxNow that it is summer I’ve noticed a lot of guys walking around with sleeveless t-shirts they have obviously cut themselves.

Max does a nice job explaining why you shouldn’t do this with a v-neck and gives tips on how to cut your shirts so they will fit you perfectly.

I’m not so certain about his suggestion for what to do with the cut off sleeves, but I’ll refrain from being critical because he’s so darn easy on the eyes. 

6 responses to “Max shows how to cut off t-shirt sleeves

  1. Men’s Cut Off T Shirts


  2. Don’t ruin your shirt, you can get these cut-off shirts at Repps Gymwear


  3. I want to drink at his house. He has more counter space dedicated to booze than I have dedicated to small appliances by George Foreman and Ron Popeil.


  4. Actually, he’s right. I experimented with cutting off sleeves so I’d have more beach shirts, but ruined a few by cutting them wrong. But let’s face it: he’s so adorable it doesn’t really matter what he says!


  5. lol! Ooops! I just realized I’m wearing a sleeveless in my profile pic.


  6. If I looked as hot as Max I might consider it.



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