Why I’m voting for Carl Sciortino

Photo Credit: Seth Rau

Photo Credit: Seth Rau

Carl Sciortino is an openly gay progressive candidate who champions social equality and justice causes. So when Carl announced that he would run to fill Ed Markey’s (D-MA) seat in the US House of Representatives, I immediately knew I’d be voting for him.

However, some of you may not know who Carl is and after I saw his campaign video featuring his Dad, I thought this was the perfect opportunity / excuse to give Carl a plug on my blog.

4 responses to “Why I’m voting for Carl Sciortino

  1. If you can’t vote in his district, donate some $. He deserves it! http://carlforcongress.com/


  2. Rob, I LOVE him, his Dad, the message – everything! I’ll share on my FB page. SoWa doesn’t ‘do’ political but we’ll see about next week after Open Studios. Liz. xoxo


  3. You can’t vote for him, you don’t live in the district! The Markey district does not include the South End.



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