Zagat 2014 Boston restaurant survey

Boston MapLast week Zagat published findings from their 2014 survey on Boston restaurants, which includes more than 1,200 restaurants and the collective opinions of more than 8,500 diners.

Their survey showed that Boston has a resilient and growing restaurant scene with many newcomers challenging established favorites.  Zagat’s Top Food List gives top honors to a new restaurant this year, the North’s End’s Neptune Oyster (up from No. 4) followed by another seafood restaurant, Island Creek Oyster Bar (previously unranked). The remainder of the top five restaurants include Oleana (No. 3), Craigie on Main (No. 4, previously No. 15), and Lumière (No. 5)

Their survey also found Bostonians eat out 3.7 times per week (for lunch and dinner combined), and report spending an average of $44.19 per dinner.

Want to read more? Check out Zagat’s blog here.

5 responses to “Zagat 2014 Boston restaurant survey

  1. You ‘d think that the No Name restaurant in Boston should have a descent !

    The last time that we ate at No Name
    was two years ago , which I found that the quality of food was below average.

    Today we gave another shot and went there to have a Boston good seafood.

    No more No Name restaurant for me!!

    Very poor quality food and ,
    Very smelly place,
    Food lolled like , was cooked hours ago
    And Wes heated to serve!

    Sorry No Name management!

    I had to tell the reality.

    X customer.


  2. Sorry…I didn’t know how else to reach you and I havn’t been to Boston in over 20 years and I also value your opinion.


  3. Hello BG,
    Walt from Jersey. I have been viewing your blog for the past couple of years. I find it very informative, entertaining and humorous. Question to you and anyone in the Boston area: I am headed up to Boston for an extended weekend (10/26-10/30) mostly for business (on the weekday) with my partner. Any places I shouldn’t miss in that area?


  4. Rob what’s the take on Noche & 28°? You had told me something was going in Noche and I don’t think anything has surfaced yet. Now 28° has rolled up it’s sidewalks. What gives? Mr. Man about the South End? Thx ~ Signed, Curious lol


    • Rumor is both should hopefully open soon. Now that Forum is open in the BB that group can refocus on “Blind Tiger” and 28 was supposedly sold so someone is now paying rent / mortgage on that space.



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