Surviving a Boston winter

Travel Last year I wrote a series of posts giving some tips to new residents on how to survive a Boston winter.  You may not want to think about it, but winter in Boston will be here before you realize it and when it comes to surviving a New England winter, planning ahead is key.

Booking airfare in September and October for January and February can help you get a better fare and also allows you to pay off the cost of the airline ticket well in advance of your vacation. The photo above is of your’s truly relaxing at the W Vieques this past February.  Contemplating a trip to Vieques, P.R.? Feel free to check out some of my posts about my trip last year.

Hotel review: W Spa and Resort Vieques

Review of the W Spa facilities

Dining in Vieques

Bioluminescent Tour in Vieques, P.R.

I find the best way to make it through Boston’s brutal winter is to plan a quick respite for a few nights some place warm. Cheap seats abound for flights in January, February and March if you have some flexibility (hint: airfares on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are cheaper than end of week and weekends).

Book your flights now while more affordable seats remain and before the holiday season has you spending more money than you intend.

One response to “Surviving a Boston winter

  1. Another way to save some money is to consider booking a package (hotel and air) – there are considerable savings when doing this most of the time. There are a number of online travel sites dedicated to this – but also check out the airline sites directly – they can be a little (and I mean a little) less expensive or the same price. The difference is that if there is a travel related issue caused by weather or mechanical issues they tend to take care of their own before going to consolidators or other third party booking solutions.



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